A Resource for Families.

Vet-I-Care is a resource for families that can't afford emergency or specialty care for the beloved pets.

Welcome to Vet-I-Care

Our pets love us unconditionally. What happens when we can't afford to help them at the time they need us the most? Did you know: each year, thousands of pets with treatable conditions are put to sleep because their owners have financial constraints that prevent them from being able to afford necessary specialty care? Just one illness or injury can incur vet bills totaling thousands of dollars. For many struggling families, they are faced with choosing between paying for care for their pet or paying the utility bills. In this situation, families often have to make the difficult decision to euthanize their pet or sign them over to a humane organization in hopes that the animal will receive the necessary treatment needed. Vet-I-Care helps pets and people stay together.

Who We Are

Our Mission:

To be a resource to families and their pets during their time of need.
We will do this by raising awareness, contributions, and participation throughout our local communities.

Who We Are

Vet-I-Care is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charitable organization committed to helping families secure the resources required to provide much needed specialty and emergency care for their pets. Vet-I-Care was formed by the technicians and doctors that came across pets that pulled at their heartstrings when the families could not afford a procedure that would help them continue their companionship. We are funded entirely by the generosity of our community and through fund raising events.